As a car enthusiast, it’s actually a requirement to irrationally love Alfa Romeo. Sure, many of its cars are unreliable and lack the tech German competitors come with standard but honestly none of that matters. All that matters is that modern Alfas look incredible and drive even better. So when the head of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato, says the next-gen Giulia might offer a wagon variant, and could come with an EV powertrain, us enthusiasts become visibly excited…

During a recent interview with Autocar, Imparato spoke about how the next-gen Giulia and how the demand for sedans is changing. While premium sedans, such as the 3 Series, C-Class, and A4, are still successful, customers are beginning to desire alternatives more and more. Cars like BMW’s Gran Coupe models and Audi’s Sportback models are becoming increasingly popular, which is why Imparato is considering an additional body style for the upcoming Giulia.

“I don’t want to give up on the sedan [saloon] market,” Imparato told Autocar. “It’s in Alfa’s DNA to have a sporty sedan. But I also acknowledge that there were many suggestions that there should be a station wagon version of the Giulia. Maybe there’s a tipping point between the sedan and the station wagon. With a new Giulia, maybe we can have the best of both worlds.”

That certainly sounds like he’s considering either a wagon or some sort of Gran Coupe-like hatchback. However, it’s said Imparato has already given head designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos a proposal for a car similar to the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake.

Then there’s the knowledge that Alfa is looking to massively increase its EV efforts by 2025 and will likely offer a fully-electric Giulia variant. Can you imagine an all-electric Alfa Romeo Giulia wagon with similarly gorgeous styling as the current car and, hopefully, similar driving dynamics? Are there papers I can sign right now?

BMW will also likely have a model to compete. Come 2025, BMW will launch a new generation of 3 Series that will offer an all-electric variant. Considering that BMW has always offered 3 Series wagons, for the European market at least, there’s a real possibility that BMW offers an EV 3 Series wagon, to take on any potentially upcoming Alfa Romeos on the horizon. If both cars make it to market, enthusiasts might not be able to handle the excitement.

[Source: Autocar]