The classic Mini is honestly one of the coolest cars in the world. Its design is timeless and instantly recognizable, its interior is simple and elegant, and it’s one of the very most fun cars of any kind in history. classic Minis are also surprisingly good workhorses, capable of handling daily family duties far better than one might think. Juley has had her Mini for over forty years, since 1981, and it’s been her daily driver ever since and it looks it. So the Top Gear Clean Team decided to clean it up for her.

Juley really liked gardening and she clearly used her Mini for hauling all sorts of gardening stuff; plants, tools, dirt, you name it. Because of that, her Mini’s interior was filthy when she brought it to TG. The seats were stained brown from dirt, the carpets were fading, and the exterior paintwork just seemed tired. So the Clean Team got to work giving it a good scrub down.

While the outside was in need of a proper cleaning, it was the inside that truly needed help. The seats were filthy looking, absolutely covered in dirt. However, it was nothing a good scrub and wet-vac couldn’t handle. Afterward, the seats looked positively brand new. Well, minus some of the rips. But the fabric looked brand new, which is the best you’re gonna get from detailers.

Forty years is a long time to own any car, especially one as small and spatially compromised as the original Mini. It’s no surprise this specific Mini looked the way it did after such a long time of collecting dirt and grime. Thankfully, the Clean Team was able to return the classic Mini to Juley, fresh and clean, and hopefully she’ll keep the plants and dirt out of the cabin this time.