The current front-wheel drive generation of 1 Series hatchback will soon be getting its scheduled LCI update. Now that it’s reaching its halfway point in its life cycle, the 1 Series is due for an update and part of that update will apparently be quad exhausts pipes, just like on proper M cars, according to these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but check ’em here)

At the moment, the M Performance variant of the 1 Series is the BMW M135i, which replaced the outgoing, rear-wheel drive BMW M140i. Now, along with all upcoming M Performance models, the BMW M135i will be getting quad exhaust pipes. Fans of BMW will know that quad exhausts are only featured on proper BMW M cars, not lesser M Performance cars. However, it seems as if the M Division’s four tailpipes will be the latest BMW M styling cue to be stolen by lesser Bimmers. First, it was M-style mirrors, now its quad exhausts.

Its interesting to see this entire car covered in camouflaged, as this is just a 1 Series LCI and not an entirely new car. Typically with LCI test mules, only the front and rear ends are camouflaged but this car is covered in so much camo it looks like an entirely new model. Does that mean BMW has a much larger LCI update planned than usual? Could this be an entirely new model, such as a BMW M14oi, with more power and performance than even the M135i? We’re not entirely sure at the moment but it’s probably just a heavily camouflaged M135i LCI test mule.

This new trend of giving M Performance cars quad exhausts is likely to upset the M Division faithful, who enjoy the fact that only proper M cars have certain design details, such as the four exhaust pipes. With those exhausts migrating over to M Performance cars as well, there will be talk of brand dilution of the M Division from fans. However, it seems to be the direction BMW is headed, as the BMW X1 M35i was also seen with such exhausts.

[Source: Motor1]