Seeing classic cars abandoned always makes me sad. Something about the idea of great cars being left behind for decades to rot, rust, and fade away fills me with dread. This abandoned BMW dealership is Spain is giving me those feelings, as dozens of cars were left to rust away. In this new video, we get a tour of the dealership and all of the cars and motorcycles in it.

Some of the cars in this video will make your automotive heart break, like the particularly ratty E28 M5 that was left to die. The iron block is probably rusted from sitting coolant and it’s positively covered in bird feces. As my personal favorite BMW, that one hurt to see.

However, some other cars are in surprisingly good shape, considering they were left inside the dealership, away from the elements, with some of them even under car covers. Not only are they still in good shape, some of them have very low mileage and very cool color specs. If you’re brave enough, some of these cars are even for sale. All of them require quite a bit of refurbishing, though some less so than others. Some could likely get away with just their fluids being changed and minor tune-ups to run. Others, though, require full-on rebuilds and restorations, which will cost far more money and time.

In a different life; one in which I don’t have a wife and children to care and provide for; I’d absolutely pull the trigger on one of these abandoned Bimmers. I’ve always romanticized about buying an old barn-find and restoring it back to life over time, making it a special project that I could hold onto forever. If I were to do that, I’d likely find myself divorced rather quickly but I’m sure there are a few brave souls reading this that might be interested in taking the risk. If so, reach out to @eurobimmerstock.