It was last November when we talked about an M3 conversion of the F31 3 Series and now we bring you another impressive transformation. Meet the E28 Touring aka the estate BMW never sold during the second generation of the 5 Series Sedan. Yes, Schulz Tuning built a handful of long-roof cars, but these were never officially linked to the Bavarian marque.

Conversions done by Schulz were based on a Volkswagen Passat Variant, which isn’t the case here. Instead, our man of the day used the rear end of a Mercedes W123 T-Modell (S123). From Poland, Mateusz took matters into his own hands since BMW didn’t make a 5 Series Touring during the 1980s when the E28 was sold.

The DIY project started off with a regular sedan he bought for cheap to turn into a drift car. He only paid $350 for the E28 before cutting up the body for the touring adaptation. In addition, he borrowed the front suspension setup from an E36. What used to be the C-pillar is now the D-pillar after pushing it at the back to extend the roof. His one-off E28 Touring has a new C-pillar built from scratch and the rear doors had to be modified as well to fit the custom body.

E28 Touring Builds Are Rare, But This One Is Truly Unique

As you would expect with such a build, the whole point was to make it look as if BMW built the car this way. The Polish man admits some areas could be better, but we’d argue it’s still an impressive project for a first attempt. He’s not planning to sell his unique E28 Touring, albeit he’d be willing to part ways with it for the right price.

Mateusz estimates it would cost around $7,000 to build one again, and in the meantime, he’ll continue to modify it. The E28 Touring was created in a year during which it received custom rear wheel arches made from steel. Since it was conceived to go sideways, the car has small 15-inch wheels with a negative offset.

As for the paint, the E28 Touring got the darkest shades of burgundy and blue he was able to find. Look closer and you’ll see flames, while the rear seats have been removed. Mateusz owns a garage specialized in old BMWs, so he knows his way around these cars.

Source: NIGHTRIDE / YouTube