Rumors of an M3 Touring straight from the factory have been swirling around the Internet for years, but it was only a little over a year ago when BMW confirmed plans to finally launch the high-performance version. However, many people took matters into their own hands by building their very own long-roof M3, partially also due to the fact Bavaria has abandoned the idea of doing another M5 Touring.

This aftermarket M3 Touring is based on the F31 and tentatively carries the “F81” codename that never officially happened. It’s far more than being merely an appearance package since it packs the S55 engine under the hood, complete with more power than it had when it left the factory. The twin-turbo, inline-six 3.0-liter has a stage 2 upgrade and now pushes out a meaty 550 horsepower.

You might have seen this unique build already since it was finished about three years ago and featured by some highly ranked YouTubers, including Carwow’s Mat Watson and Joe Achilles. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to revisit the M3 Touring as we’re still mighty impressed by the fact it looks almost as if BMW built it itself.

Image provided to us by EVOLVE

The man behind the project used as many M3 F80 parts as possible to keep the car as close to what the original full-fat M version of the wagon would’ve been. The interior is also a sight to behold, with Sakhir Orange leather upholstery, extended carbon-fiber trim, and even M Performance shift lights in the steering wheel. Even the center console is of the M Performance variety, while the handbrake lever has been bathed in carbon fiber.

There are even more M goodies worth pointing out, including a carbon fiber hood and engine cover, plus aftermarket mods from Eventuri, CSF, along with 6 Sixty wheels and carbon seatbacks for the rear seats. The quad exhaust system is from the M Performance catalog, but modified for better cracks and pops.

You can imagine all these upgrades add up to the final bill, which was about £50,000 ($67,000 in today’s money). He has receipts for everything he’s bought, either straight from BMW or parts shipped from the United States. Overall, it’s a mélange of OEM components and tastefully selected aftermarket parts to create an exceptional build.

[Source: LivingLifeFast / YouTube] [Top Image provided to us by EVOLVE Automotive]