The E36 Compact wasn’t a high point in BMW history, but as the saying goes, we should respect our elders. Whoever owned this 1996 316i in the past certainly didn’t because the car was abandoned for no fewer than 13 years. It looked quite awful before being rescued from what seemed to be inevitable death.

Thankfully, Flexiny was its knight in shining armor by giving the E36 Compact a new lease of life. So much so he went on to sell the car, which had over 142,000 kilometers (more than 88,000 miles) on the odometer when found it. Was the car worth saving? We’d argue it was since there was nothing terribly wrong with it. Of course, years of neglect took their toll on the vehicle’s condition, but without a worrying amount of rust.

Using his trusty pressure washer, the car rescuer gave the BMW E36 Compact finished in Boston Green a proper cleaning. Having been left for dead for over a decade, it’s not a surprise the paint condition is not exactly great. In addition, the engine bay looked quite filthy, not to mention the interior cabin. With a bit of effort and a few hours invested, the three-door hatchback was thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

The Boston Green E36 Compact Lives Again

It’s satisfying to see a disgusting car being resurrected, even if it’s a 316i from the unloved E36 Compact. The car came equipped with the M43 inline-four, 1.6-liter engine pumping out 101 hp and 150 Nm (111 lb-ft). There was also a larger 1.9-liter configuration with a bit more oomph, at 103 hp and 165 Nm (122 lb-ft). Needless to say, both were agonizingly slow by today’s standards, needing around 12 seconds to hit 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill.

To get it in running order again, Flexiny changed the oil and filters while a new battery was also necessary for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, the underbody is almost rust-free even though the car stood still for 13 years. This E36 Compact is not the most desirable BMW by any means, but we wouldn’t mind taking it for a quick spin. It’s especially true if we’re talking about the one-off M3 E36 Compact.

[Source: Flexiny / YouTube]