I’m personally a bit apprehensive to see BMW’s LCI facelift for the G20 3 Series, when it eventually debuts. At the moment, the 3er is one of BMW’s best looking cars, with a grille/headlight combo that’s more handsome than almost anything else with a special edition Roundel. So I’m hoping BMW doesn’t mess it up with this new LCI facelift.

These new spy photos show off the BMW 3 Series LCI doing some more testing in public. It’s not the first time we’ve seen G20 LCI spy photos. One of my biggest concerns with the 3 Series’ LCI in previous spy photos was that it seemed to ditch the current, pre-LCI car’s notched headlights. However, in these new photos, it seems that the camouflage actually does include little notches in the headlights. Those notches are my favorite part of the G20’s design, so I’m hoping the facelifted car keeps them.

Photos by instagram.com/wilcoblok

The grille seems mostly the same, though, which is a good thing. The G20 3 Series has the best grille in BMW’s current lineup and it’s not particularly close. In a world of BMW iXs, we need more G20 3 Series’.

Out back, its taillights seem mostly similar but they might get some more physical depth, similar to the new X3 LCI. Though, it’s said the 3 Series won’t get the X3’s cool new Halo sword-style taillights. Those look great.

We can’t see inside the 3er, so we don’t know for sure what sort of interior upgrades it will get. Though, it could get the same new iDrive 8 screen as the BMW i4. Both are built on similar chassis, after all, and both have nearly identical interiors, save for the i4’s latest tech. With that said, it seems like it would be easy to give the i4’s cabin tech to the 3 Series. That would certainly give the 3 Series the technology with which to take on most of its competitors.

[Photos by instagram.com/wilcoblok]