There seems to be a growing trend among wealthy car collectors, in which they buy up ultra-exclusive, highly special cars and then flip them for a profit almost immediately after taking delivery. It’s a trend that most car enthusiasts hate, as it drives the market up and makes it more difficult for proper gearheads to buy special cars. Which is why it’s both frustrating and exciting to see a BMW M5 CS pop up on Cars and Bids.

The fact that an M5 CS is on Cars and Bids means someone decided to buy on for the sole purpose of reselling it for profit. Its mileage gives the initial owner’s intent away — only 417 miles on the odometer. Whoever bought this car barely broke it in and kept the odometer under 500 miles, so as to sell it as basically new. Which is painful to hear as a car enthusiast because the M5 CS is a car that needs to be driven and driven hard.

Admittedly, this works for the second owner, who will be able to snag an M5 CS that they weren’t able to before, due to a previous lack of allocation. However, they’re going to have to buy it at a price premium. When new, the BMW M5 CS wore a sticker price of $142,000. This M5 CS currently up for auction is currently sitting at $146,000. That’s not a significant price difference at the moment but you can bet your ass it’s going to go up. There are still four days left on the auction and with a car as limited and desirable as the CS, someone is going to pay a pretty penny for it.

To be fair, it’s likely worth whatever price premium it sees. Its exclusivity and near-unanimous praise will mean that it stays desirable for many years to come. So it’s value will only go up from here. However, it’s still frustrating to see profit-hungry collectors steal up allocations on special cars that could have gone to enthusiasts. Hopefully, whoever buys this M5 CS treats it the right way and drives the hell out of it.

[Source: Cars and Bids]