The BMW M240i is one of the best driving Bimmers on sale at the moment. In fact, in my review, I said it was the best driving non-M BMW in the brand’s lineup. But it’s not just a great driver’s car. The M240i is surprisingly well thought out, well made, and usable on a day-to-day basis. In this new video from Savagegeese, we get a comprehensive breakdown of the new M240i and why it’s so good.

When the BMW M240i first launched, its looks drew some controversy from fans. Some parts look great, others are questionable. However, on the whole, the 2er is a far better looking car than something like the 4 Series. No complaints about the interior, though, as its cabin is extremely well made, exceeding even its relatively high price tag’s expectations, and features great tech. More than that, though, BMW nailed the little things; seating position, outward visibility, tall windows, and great trunk space.

How it drives, though, is still the most important aspect of the M240i. If it doesn’t drive like a proper BMW should, the res of BMW’s efforts are for naught. For the most part, the M240i drives really well. While the Savagegeese team do feel that it’s a bit too soft and numb to be a proper sports car, they recognize that it isn’t trying to be a proper sports car. Instead, it’s a premium, comfortable, everyday-driver, sports coupe and, when you think of it that way, it actually makes a ton of sense.

They also check out all of the engineering under the skin, by putting it up on a lift and checking out its underbelly. What BMW did to make it both sporty and comfortable is both annoying and brilliant. It was able to develop a brilliant suspension and chassis setup for performance driving but then had to add tons of dampening equipment to mute all of the NVH from that impressive suspension. It also makes us wonder just how good it would be to drive if someone were to remove a lot of that NVH-dampening. We have a feeling the BMW M2 will do the trick.