REVIEW: 2022 BMW M240i xDrive – The Coupe Dream is Alive and Kicking!

The BMW M240i feels mature, well-sorted, with great steering feedback and agility

Say hello to the new BMW 2 Series Coupe, a new second generation model series keeping the dream alive! The G42 line up is here for us to enjoy and experience, and for those who have never ever driven a 2 Series, I urge you to have a go in the new 2022 BMW M240i xDrive!

Following the first generation, which arrived on the market in 2014, the new model has to live up to expectations among enthusiast drivers and subsequently the success of its predecessor. Add this to direct competition, in the form of the Porsche Cayman and Toyota GR Supra, and the new 2 Series Coupe has a challenging task ahead when it comes to pure fun.

Available for a week-long test drive, a top-of-the-line M240i xDrive dressed in Thunderlight Metallic arrived at my door steps. Outfitted with winter tire, the M240i provided me with the option to take the two-door coupe onto the twisty mountain roads of Germany’s Schwarzwald, also known as the Black Forest.

Boldly different

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

With the current 1 Series having gone front-wheel drive, the new 2 Series shares the platform with the 3 and 4 Series. The CLAR platform offered the engineers the ability to increase the size of the car. It is 105 mm longer, 28 mm lower and 53 mm wider than its predecessor, which allows its stance to be bolder than before. The overall design of the new 2 Series reveals a mix of interesting new design details, as well as narrower single element headlights (a nod to the 2002 of the 1970s), oddly shaped taillights and a boxy nature rounding off the overall looks.

As a whole, the car has an intriguing mix of being relatively small and surprisingly muscular – much more than that its predecessor, which feels rather petite in comparison. Still, the looks of the new 2 Series have been polarizing, to say the least. Many have complained about the unnecessary complex taillights, while others touched on the grilles which open only when cooling is required. However, the new 2 Series has been widely accepted in the past few months, compared to its family members carrying those massive double-coffin grilles. The M240i seems to offer that unique characteristic we love within BMWs and which makes it a future classic.

Familiar cabin

REVIEW: 2022 BMW M240i xDrive – The Coupe Dream is Alive and Kicking!
A familiar design

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

The theme continues inside the cabin where you will come across many features from other BMW models. The hexagonal infotainment binnacle, the gloss black shift selector, iDrive controller and materials used throughout the cabin feel familiar.

The overall choice of materials is good. Here and there, you will find some cheap plastics, but those are mainly positioned at locations you won’t immediately see or touch. The small little storage compartment underneath the light control stack is a clear example of where BMW had to balance between quality and cost saving. Nothing more than a tiny niggle that you will notice if you know where to look.

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

The very business-like interior offers standard M-sport colored seatbelts, a sunroof option, bright blue stitching and the optional funky tri-bar M-style ambient light feature in the doors, which lights up in the dark and blinks red when you leave the door open and the car running. BMW however forgot to add an ambient light strip above the glove box. This would have finished off the interior light show in style.

The interior is a step up over the previous model and offers a large range of new features such as a the 360 degree camera, reversing assistant, head-up display, Android Auto connectivity and a 12.3-inch central digital touch display connecting you with the iDrive 7 operating system. The addition of all of these features is welcoming and a proper upgrade over its predecessor.

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

The seating position for the front occupants has also been improved, but the rear space is still mediocre for a car that grew in size. Like before, you can squeeze two small children in the back, which underlines the 2+2 nature of the vehicle. The M Sports seats offer enough side support, but the base is too short for longer people. It requires you to use the base extension more frequently than before.

The trunk space is 390 liters, same as in the previous generation. You can expand it by folding the 40:20:40 split rear seats. The trunk lid feels heavy while opening and closing, same goes for the doors. Both underline the weight of the new M240i xDrive, which tips in at an astonishing 1765 kgs. About 15% more than its predecessor.

The Driving Experience

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

Time to jump behind the wheel of the new 2 Series, which feels surprisingly compliant and, again, familiar. This is mainly due to the controls and the combination of gearbox and engine, which we have seen on a number of models the last few years.

The brilliance of the package starts under the bonnet, where the 2022 BMW M240i uses the lovely torquey and nippy 3.0-liter inline-6, turbocharged B58 engine. The engine is linked to a 8-speed Steptronic transmission and its 4WD drivetrain, which offers a clear rear bias and can divert up to 100% of its torque to the rear wheels. RWD will arrive this year on the 2 Series, but no six-speed manual.

The performance level tops Toyota’s GR Supra and BMW’s Z4 M40i which use the same engine. You have 375 hp and 500 Nm of torque under your right foot, which is a bit more than the previous M2 Coupe. Acceleration goes from naught to 100 kmh in 4.3 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 250 kmh. The punchy nature of the drivetrain is felt throughout the lower rev ranges and above 2000 rpm. This is where the B58 shines. Higher up the rev range, the engine runs a bit out of breath which is nothing unusual when you only have one turbo to play with.

REVIEW: 2022 BMW M240i xDrive – The Coupe Dream is Alive and Kicking!
Great stance

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

The nippy nature and light-footed nature of the M240i hide its weight cleverly. Only when you reach the limit of the car’s ability and actively engage quick direction changes, the 2 Series will have difficulty following its path. Nothing out of ordinary for a vehicle tipping the scales at over 1750 kgs. The M240i feels mature, properly well-sorted, and provides that valuable feedback and agility we so love from a Bimmer.

The low center of gravity and 50:50 weight balance are welcoming features. The direct steering and responsive engine characteristic offer more than enough driving fun. Dial the car up to Sport or Sport Plus, and you will get additional poise that is often only available in pure M cars.

REVIEW: 2022 BMW M240i xDrive – The Coupe Dream is Alive and Kicking!
100% RWD - When needed

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

The Coupe displays a good willingness to change direction, but not everything is top notch. The ride is quite firm even in Comfort Mode and often jittery, but never harsh or unbearable. At lower speeds and in Sport mode, the gearbox hangs too long in a lower gear. A quicker upshift in automatic mode would be favorable in certain instances.

For me personally, the highlights were the engine and the well-balanced handling of the M240i. However, I would have loved a manual gearbox, but maybe I am too much of a M fan to understand the market for the M240i. In the end, the 2022 BMW M240i is more of a daily-able sports coupe than a thoroughbred sports car.

A True BMW Sportscar

Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth

Looking back at one week with the new 2 Series, I will happily conclude that the old school nature of this two-door coupe is a relief in a world where electrification is the number one codeword. However, even though it’s not quite as pure as before, due to its weight increase, the M240i xDrive will continue to be that unique proposition reminding us of BMW’s golden era.

It also sets the stage for the upcoming BMW M2 G87 which is rumored to be fantastic.

[Photos provided by @MSCK64 on Instagram – Vincent Toth]