Few enthusiasts have looked at the G80 BMW M3 Competition and thought, “It’s nice but it just isn’t extravagant enough.” The massive kidney grilles, big wheels, swollen wheel arches, and wide stance are all extravagant enough. However, if you do want some more and want your G80 M3 to look as absolutely wild as possible, there are some M Performance Parts add-ons available, as seen at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show.

We’ve seen these M Performance Parts before, as BMW revealed them shortly after the launch of the M3 and M4. However, these are some live photos from the Chicago Auto Show, to show you how they look in person.

When BMW first launched these parts, the main point of contention from enthusiasts was the new M Performance exhaust. This new exhaust not only changes the sound of the car but the look as well. Rather than quad pipes, with two pipes on either end of the rear bumper, the M Performance exhaust uses a sort of triangular stack for the four pipes. It’s a very unusual design for a BMW and one that was incredibly polarizing for enthusiasts. Some loved it and some hated it. Though, the latter group were more vocal in out comments section.

Because the entire design of the exhaust is different, it also comes with a different rear diffuser, to accommodate the new triangular design. Which does bring the cost of the exhaust upgrade up, especially considering the diffuser is made from carbon fiber.

In addition to that exhaust, this car also has carbon fiber winglets, a subtle decklid spoiler, a carbon front splitter, and a very intense M Division livery. Park this car in your driveway and your neighbors will surely know your BMW M3 isn’t just any old M3 off the lot. For better or worse.