Former TV host and car collector Jay Leno has recently spent some time with the BMW iX Flow, or better known as the “BMW Color Changing Car.” Not only did he spend time with the concept, but Leno was the first non-BMW employee allowed to drive the iX Flow prototype. At least to our acknowledge. He was joined in this ride by Markus Bradley, Vehicle Analyst BMW EETC.

The car might be familiar to some of you, especially since we featured it in several videos, including one live from CES 2022. But of course, Leno is a far better presenter and entertainer than us, so it’s exciting to see what he thinks about the car. If you wanna see our own video coverage of the BMW iX Flow e-ink, see the following videos here and here.

BMW’s new E Ink technology is essentially a wrap that can change from white to black, with shades of gray in between, and it works surprisingly well. The way it works is that there’s a low-voltage electrical connection that supplies energy to little capsules in the wrap. The energy flips the capsules from black to white in this case but any two colors can be chosen for this technology. However, there are other variants of this tech, which offer more color variation, though it would take some more engineering to make them work.

At first, you might think that a car that can change from black to white might be a bit trivial but it can actually be quite helpful. Can’t find your car in a parking lot? You could press a button and have it its entire body constantly flash from black to white, to catch your eye. Or maybe it could help display battery charge status, by making the car appear white when empty but fill up with black as it charges.

Pretty cool stuff so let’s have a look and don’t forget to subscribe to our own Youtube channel!