Having to pick between a BMW M5 and a Mercedes-AMG E63 is what we would define as a first-world problem. It’s an “issue” we would all want to face because you simply can’t go wrong with either super sedan. These two are a step above the standard models since we’re dealing with the Competition going up against the S.

CAR magazine from South Africa organized the Goliath vs Goliath showdown on a drag strip to determine which one is quicker in a drag race. A quarter-mile duel isn’t fully indicative of a car’s performance, but it sure is fun to watch. It’s especially true if the cars have great launch control systems as is the case with this dynamic duo.

The BMW M5 Competition has the edge with 616 hp or 12 extra ponies over the AMG E63 S. On the flip side, it’s down on torque by 100 Nm as the Mercedes packs a mountain-moving 850 Nm. On paper, the BMW M5 should be faster since it sprints to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.3 seconds or 0.1s less than its rival.

CAR wanted to put those numbers to the test and lined up the four-door supercars for a quick drag race. We all know the M5C is an absolute beast in a quarter-mile, but the E63 S is no slouch either. Weight-wise, there’s not much between them since the BMW is only 20 kg (44 lbs) heavier than the Mercedes. This minor gap can be easily negated by the amount of fuel in the gasoline tank and/or by the weight of the driver.

The M5C was substantially quicker off the line and continued to increase the gap throughout the drag race. The AMG E63 S had to settle for second place but the difference between the two was marginal. Of course, the lighter and more powerful M5 CS would’ve been even faster.

[Source: CAR / YouTube]