It’s almost impossible to mention the BMW M3 and BMW M4 without mentioning its massive, controversial grille. Some fans aren’t bothered by it (hence the record-breaking sales figures) but some really can’t stand it. For those in the latter group, Vorsteiner has a new aero kit that includes a minor fix for the M3’s massive kidney grille.

Now offered by PSI, this new Vorsteiner kit consists of three main components; the VRS Aero carbon fiber front spoiler, the VRS Aero carbon fiber decklid spoiler, and the VRS Aero carbon fiber front grille/ VRS Aero ABS front grille. The decklid and front spoilers are pretty typical aero bits, adding some more aggression and maybe some increased downforce. However, the new grille, available in either carbon fiber or ABS plastic, is interesting.

Vorsteiner’s attempt to fix the grille is subtler than we’ve seen from companies like Evolve. Instead of making the grille smaller and adding a new front bumper to make up for it, Vorsteiner keeps the size of the grille but changes the inner bits of it to trick the eye into seeing a smaller, more normal BMW grille.

The new Vorsteiner grille is one piece but visually split into two sections; and upper and a lower. Those sections are bisected by a large horizontal bar, which looks like a bumper bar that you’d typically put a license plate on. Not only does that bisect the grille; which lessens the visual impact of its size, but it also gives the car a more sensible place to put said license plate. It also leaves the bottom section of the grille empty, free of any grille slats, which makes it look more like front bumper air intakes, rather than a grille. The upper section only gets one horizontal grille slat, which is a bit unusual, but it works well enough.

Seen here on PSI’s project BMW M3 Competition, the new grille looks much better than the standard car’s grille, as it seems a bit more cohesively integrated into the front end of the car. If I were buying a new M3, this Vorsteiner grille would be one of the few modifications I made immediately.


[Photos: Precision Sport Industries]