Welcome back to the BMWBLOG Podcast, our first of 2022. We kick off the new year with just a crew show, Horatiu and  I, and we talk about some of BMW’s most interesting new cars. For starters, we discuss the BMW XM, the M Division’s first-ever standalone product, one that isn’t based on any existing BMW product. It’s not only the first standalone M car but also the first hybrid M car. Its all-new 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, combined with an electric motor, will make 750 horsepower when it debuts. That will make it the most powerful production BMW in history.

However, the immense power isn’t what enthusiasts are talking (arguing?) about. Instead, its design is the biggest talking point. Its unusual design, massive size, and funky interior are completely distracting from the rest of the car. Horatiu and I discuss not only its design but also its place in the market, the sorts of cars it compares to, and whether customers will buy it. It’s an interesting car that will have a unique place in both BMW’s lineup and the larger automotive market as a whole and we’re interested to see what happens when it hits the road.

But we don’t only talk about the BMW XM. We also discuss some more BMW’s interesting tech from the recent CES 2022 show. Chief of which was the BMW iX with E Ink technology, allowing the iX to change its color from white to black at the push of a button. Not only do we discuss that, we discuss the best use cases for the E Ink technology, breaking down how practical it could be.

At first glance, BMW’s E Ink technology is a bit trivial and aesthetic. However, when you really take a look at some real-world applications for it, you’ll better understand it. Have a listen or take a look at the video on our Youtube channel. As always, our podcast can be found wherever major podcasts are found; Apple, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify, thanks for listening and stay tuned for a special guest next week.