Rumors have been swirling that the next-gen BMW M2 will come with an optional xDrive all-wheel drive system, similar to the M2 and M4. To be honest, it sort of makes sense, as the M240i already comes with xDrive, so the tech works with the chassis and transmission. Plus, it seems as if BMW M is far more inclined to use xDrive all-wheel drive now, as the M3, M4, M5, and M8 all have it. However, according to our sources at BMW, the next-gen M2 will be a rear-driver only.

From what we’re told, the G87 BMW M2 won’t come with xDrive as an option for a couple of reasons. First of which is weight. The new 2 Series is already heavier than a car of its size should be, so BMW M didn’t want to add anymore weight to the car. Especially when the M2 is supposed to be the purist’s M car. As we’ve seen with the M4, xDrive can add quite a few pounds, so the M Division would rather save those pounds on the M2.

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The second reason is that BMW M doesn’t want the M2 to eat into M4 sales, and vice versa. If the BMW M2 were to be offered with xDrive, it might be too similar to the BMW M4 xDrive, which would then cause some sales cannibalization, one way or another. BMW M clearly wants the M2 to be its own thing.

Lastly, BMW wants the next-gen BMW M2 to be a proper driver’s car, without the burden of all-wheel drive. Admittedly, xDrive works wonders for the M3 and M4 and, if it were my money, is a necessity. However, for the smaller, short wheelbase M2, xDrive would only add unnecessary, unwanted complexity. It would also make it a bit too safe, as the M2 is supposed to be a bit spikey, a bit tail-happy, that’s sort of the point of the car.

So as much as it does seem to make sense on paper, that the G87 BMW M2 would come with an optional xDrive system, our sources are telling us no, it’s not happening.