Earlier in the year, Rolls-Royce announced its first-ever electric vehicle — the Spectre. The Rolls-Royce Spectre will be an all-electric, two-door, grand touring coupe, similar in style to the current Wraith. Despite its visual similarities to the Wraith, the Spectre will share nothing with the current coupe. Instead, it’s an all-new product from Rolls and it’s just been caught doing some testing in public for the first time. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

When Rolls first announced the Spectre, it showed off an early pre-production test mule wrapped in a sort of camouflage. The camo’s livery featured jumbled expressions, such as “Strive for Perfection” and They Are Perfectly Noiseless”, which is an incredible Rolls-Royce thing to do. That same test mule seems to be the one testing in public, as that’s the vehicle in the photos.

Visually, there isn’t much to see, here, as the camouflage covers the car’s important bits and what we can see we’ve already seen, from the brand’s previous official photos. However, there are a couple of interesting bits of visual information, here, enough to warrant checking the new spy photos out.

For instance, the usually massive Pantheon Grille is now actually quite small, by Rolls-Royce standards. Ironic, as high-end BMW grilles get larger, the classically large Rolls-Royce grille gets smaller. It also seems like it might get split headlights, as there’s one large horizontal headlight on either side of the front end but, just above it, there seem to also be two smaller ones, just below the hood line. Maybe that’s just camouflage trickery but it could get a split headlight design, similar to upcoming high-end Bimmers.

Another interesting thing to note is its lower front lip, which is far sportier than on any other Rolls product. Despite being a Rolls-Royce — the antithesis of sporty — this Spectre test mule seems to have a lower front lip spoiler that’s as aggressive as any we’ve seen on a BMW M car, highly unusual for Rolls. Is the Spectre going to be a bit sportier than typical Rolls-Royce products? That would be a very interesting shift in philosophy for the brand.

No word on specs yet, for the Rolls-Royce Spectre. All we know is that it will be built on the brand’s new Architecture of Luxury chassis and feature an all-electric powertrain. It might be safe to assume Rolls will just likely use the same setup as the BMW iX but nothing is guaranteed. One thing’s for certain, though — we can’t wait to find out.

[Source: Car Scoops]