The demise of the internal combustion engine has been greatly exaggerated as it won’t happen in the near future regardless of what some people might claim. Nevertheless, increasingly stricter emissions regulations have forced automakers to install gasoline particulate filters in some parts of the world, which has had a negative impact on the soundtrack delivered by a high-performance car powered by a gasoline engine.

With electrification gaining traction, the golden era of the ICE will sooner or later come to an end. It will be a sad day when that will happen since it will make sports cars more subdued in terms of the noise delivered by the engine, before going completely silent in the EV era. Some would argue turbocharging has already erased some of the magic as we often find ourselves enjoying the sweet music made by a naturally aspirated more than anything else.

This brings us to a video shot on a rainy day in The Netherlands during a car meet dedicated to M cars. Despite the unfriendly weather, these BMW owners still gathered to show off their prized possessions, including an M6 Coupe from the E63 generation with its glorious V10 engine making an oh-so-desirable sound. That’s not to say the newer cars sound bad, but there’s something special about the tone of a large-displacement naturally aspirated mill.

Of course, it’s a matter of personal preferences at the end of the day. It is the same story with the design as some prefer the older models with a cleaner and understated appearance while others appreciate the look-at-me vibe recent BMW M models are sending out. The proliferation of optional M Performance parts for an already full-fat M model has intensified the aggressive look, while the new grille design has enhanced the polarizing design approach.

The video serves as a brief overview of more modern M cars built from the early 2000s, including models that are currently on sale. The man with the camera gives us the impression that M6 E63 was his personal favorite, which is perfectly understandable given the lovely music made by the S85 5.0-liter engine. That powertrain begged for a lightweight mid-engined supercar, but that’s a story for another day…

[Source: CarspotterQVS / YouTube]