Both the  BMW iX and BMW i4 electric models are now being delivered worldwide to various customers. The cars are ready to take on the world and since we’re entering winter right now, BMW set up a photo and video shoot with the two, close to home, in Austria. The Sölden Iceberg was picked as the ideal location, due to its high altitude and snow-covered surface. Sitting at a hefty altitude of 2,830 meters above sea level, Solden is the perfect place to test your skills behind the wheel in winter conditions and maybe even ski a little in between runs.

Leaving skiing aside, the Solden iceberg was also picked because it is home to a proper BMW Driving Experience center, where some of the best trainers in the industry come every winter to hold sessions with aspiring drivers. The BMW Driving Experience centers have recently celebrated their 45th anniversary, being the first such service offered by a car manufacturer. There’s also another reason why Austria is important for the iX and i4.

The Steyr factory is responsible for making a few bits for the two electric models. For example, the body panels for the BMW iX and i4 are done here along with the electric motors and gearbox. The precision of the Steyr factory played a big role in securing this responsibility for the new electric models. Furthermore, the cooling systems for both the iX and i4 have been designed and developed by the Steyr engineers. Now let’s watch them in action!