We’re certain that you have seen your fair share of car mods over the years, but you might find this one a bit baffling. Somehow, the owner of a BMW M4 Coupe (G82) has managed to get a hold of the bespoke front grille design reserved to the CSL, a car that hasn’t even been teased yet, let alone unveiled.

Finished in Sao Paulo Yellow, the high-performance coupe looks surprisingly natural with the CSL grille, as if the car came like that straight from the factory. The vertical slats of the standard M4’s kidneys are gone, replaced by Y-shaped elements. Not only that, but there’s even an M4 CSL logo, which we’ve seen hiding under a black tape on prototypes and in the attached unofficial rendering.

It’s unclear whether we are dealing with a pre-production front grille or a third party has already copied the design seen on test vehicles and is selling replicas online. If we were to bet, it’s the latter situation, especially since a member of the Bimmer Post forums posted a link to a Chinese website where people can buy various BMW items. Either way, it looks pretty OEM and it even has cutouts in the horizontal slat bisecting the grille to make room for two of the parking sensors and the center camera.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

You can find images of the car at the source link at the bottom, redirecting you to the Bimmer Post forums where the M4 Coupe with the CSL grille has generated both positive and negative reactions. The M4 has a few other upgrades over the regular G82, including a carbon fiber aero kit that includes front canards.

We already know the Coupe Sport Lightweight will be more than just a fancy new grille as BMW M’s former boss Markus Flasch has said it will lose at least 100 kilograms (220 pounds). Chances are the M4 CSL will come exclusively in rear-wheel-drive form with an automatic transmission and a power bump over the 503-hp output available in the Competition model.

Given the upgrades, expect to pay a lot more than the $74,700 BMW is asking for a non-xDrive M4 Competition Coupe. That’s especially true since rumor has it the CSL will be an exclusive version limited to 1,000 units. The wraps will come off next year and there are also plans for a less intense CS derivative, not just for the M4, but the M3 Sedan as well.

[Source: Bimmer Post]