BMW hasn’t even revealed the Concept XM, let alone the production version, but we’re already hearing through the grapevine some preliminary details about a direct competitor. Porsche is allegedly working on a new flagship SUV to slot above the X5-sized Cayenne, according to a new report published by Automotive News. You’d be tempted to say the model will be pitted against the X7, but sources close to the matter are saying it will have a punchy plug-in hybrid setup.

With no X7 PHEV for the time being, the third high-riding model (fourth if you’re counting next year’s Macan EV) from Zuffenhausen will likely have the XM in its crosshairs. That’s especially true since we are talking about a Porsche first and foremost, meaning it will put the S in SUV by attempting to be the most fun-to-drive model in its segment.

The jury is still out on whether the XM will offer three-row seating, and it’s the same story with the unnamed Porsche. However, dealers have been shown a sketch and they speculate it will indeed accommodate more than five people, which would be an absolute first for the brand. Their assumption is based on the fact the new SUV is longer and wider than the Cayenne.

BMW Concept XM teaser

Much like the Concept XM debuting next week, the future Porsche SUV is said to adopt a sloping roofline with a “rakish” design. One dealer went as far as to say it will be “part sedan, part crossover” while another one claimed it looks “very un-Porsche-like” due to a “flat rear design” completely different compared to the Cayenne and the smaller Macan.

These dealers also believe the high-performance SUV will be offered as a PHEV and that a fully electric derivative could follow at a later date. No word regarding power, but expect some huge output numbers considering the Turbo GT pictured here already packs a 631-hp punch from its twin-turbo V8 without any electric assistance. The t0p-spec XM is said to offer somewhere in the region of 750 hp.

[Source: Automotive News]