One of the most anticipated cars from BMW is, without a doubt, the i4 M50. It’s the first electric car made by the German car maker that will officially wear the M letter on its boot. And that’s a big deal. The specs and performance figures paint a pretty picture too but it remains to be seen whether the electric 4 Series Gran Coupe will rise to the really high expectations of the customers and fans.

In the meantime, BMW is doing everything it can to raise awareness around it. One of the usual tricks in this teasing process is to put together a clip in which we’re being told everything that you need to know about it. The one below kicks off in a rather interesting way, especially since it has some mighty claims. For example, it claims that the i4 M50 has everything an M model should deliver. From agility to dynamics, looks and even sound.

That’s right, even though this is an electric car, it will have a specific sound to it, designed by Hans Zimmer and Renzo Viale. This sound, from the extremely short tidbit we were treated with in the clip, seems to somehow mimic the tune of a V8, but with an electric twist. You have to hear it to understand it better. On every other front though, things will be a lot trickier. This will still be a very heavy car, due to its electric nature and it might not live up to your highest expectations.

Leaving performance aside (which we’ll judge once we get behind the wheel), the i4 M50 also comes with a lot of other interesting perks. For example, you’ll be able to choose between 120 different shades of paint. And that’s just one of the ways you can customize your car, to make it yours. From the optional carbon fiber package, to the various interior leather choices and trims, you’ll be able to make this car your own. Now, let’s see what other interesting details the video below provides.