The traditional celebration of the “Day of the Dead” in Mexico will be unique for BMW brand customers. The brand prepared a special trip to “Mictlán” (“The world of the dead”) aboard a BMW iX. BMW also launched a special animation to celebrate together with their customers the “Day of the Dead”. The animated video will be able to be seen on the infotainment system. The visual highlight is the design of the new BMW iX, but also of historic vehicles such as the 328 Mille Miglia and the 507 Roadster in the typical black garment with visible bones. Not to be missed is the dog Xolo, who helps the souls of the deceased to find and achieve their final destination in the realm of the dead.

Probably the most watched video of the celebrations of the Dia de los Muertos in Mexico was the opening scene of the James Bond film Specter from 2015. “The “Day of the Dead” is an emotional Mexican tradition that we wanted to celebrate with our clients through this new tool,” says  Hernando Carvajal, Marketing Director of the BMW brand for BMW Group Latin America. “Within the BMW Group we are the third country to implement this type of animation for our clients. We are sure that as soon as our drivers see the animation from their BMW, they will feel at home and we will be part of this special day. ”

The animation to celebrate the “Day of the Dead” was a joint effort by the marketing teams of the BMW brand in Mexico and Germany. The BMW iX and “Xolo” will cross different animated scenes, with elements and colors representative of this Mexican tradition.

Since 2020, the BMW Group has developed festive animations around the world, such as New Years and Ramadan, through Remote Software Updates on the operating system that most recent BMW models have. This seeks to make the experience closer to its drivers when interacting with their vehicles.