As we approach its unveil next month, the news surrounding the BMW XM model continues to surface on the interwebs. A new post by the usual BMW insider ynguldyn, reveals some additional details. First and foremost, the insider also “confirms” our previous reports: The XM will come in three flavors.

The internal name is said to be “Project Rockstar” which clearly implies the baddest and most powerful SUV of the range: a staggering 552 kW / 750 PS (740 hp).  Two other PHEV XM models are part of the new XM family as well. One of the six-cylinder hybrid XM models will produce around 650 horsepower. BMW is likely to use their S58 six-cylinder 3.0 liter engine in combination with an electric motor to produce that massive output.

Rendering by @magnus.concepts on Instagram

Of course, the top models will need more help from a combustion engine and for the first time ever, we might see a V8 TwinTurbo 4.4 liter unit paired with an electric drive unit. Therefore, the 740-750 horsepower figure is attainable. The same drivetrain is expected to land in future M cars, like the upcoming BMW M5, before the M division switches fully to electric motors.

Our own sources say that the BMW Concept XM is quite a bold proposition when it comes to design. We should see plenty of gold/bronze accents which will accentuate the daring design and the higher status in the BMW lineup. Being a full M product, we will see a limited slip differential on the list of features, along with red, black or blue sport brakes, M seats and tons of carbon fiber parts.

The autonomous driving team will also contribute to the BMW XM with their latest and greatest tech which will arrive in 2023. The wheel options are also worthy of a car of this size, so they will range from 21 to 23 inches.

[Rendering by @magnus.concepts on Instagram]