With Tesla sales surging around the world, more customers in different countries are starting to take the American car maker more seriously. The fact that the guys from Carwow decided to do a comparison between the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Tesla Model 3 says a lot. That’s especially true if you think about the massive tradition of both the 3 Series and C-Class, having dominated this segment for decades.

Now, however, we’re seeing a drastic change in what people are buying. Electric cars are on the rise and, with the advancement of the technology they use, they are becoming a bigger threat than ever. While in the past we would overlook them because of their limited range and modest charging infrastructure, things are definitely changing. Therefore, even though we still consider the comparison between these three to be a bit of a stretch, for most customers it will remain relevant.

So, what did Mat think of the three? Design-wise things will always be subjective. Leaving that aside, once you step inside, the BMW seems to be the better-built model of the three. The Tesla offers the most minimal design inside while the Mercedes-Benz is the best-looking one. Space-wise they are all the same, even though the Model 3 does offer an additional sense of space, thanks to its huge panoramic roof.

When it comes to the driving bit though, it looks like both the BMW and Mercedes took a page out of the old rulebook. They feel just as you would expect. The new C-Class is a bit more refined and more comfortable while the BMW is a bit rougher around the edges, stiffer and is a bit more poised when you push it harder. As for the Tesla, being the only electric car here, it has instant torque and instant acceleration, of course. Even the handling seems to e good enough to keep up with the competition here. But what will Mat choose in the end?