The current G30 BMW 5 Series is getting a bit long in the tooth. While still a good car, its competition has passed it by, in terms of technology, style, and driving dynamics. So it needs a new model and the upcoming G60-generation 5 Series is going to be just that. Some new spy photos and some interesting new details have emerged, giving us some better insight into what the G60 5er is actually going to be like. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

According to a post on g80.bimmerpost, the next-gen G60 BMW 5 Series isn’t coming until 2023, so we still have quite a long ways to go before we actually see it. However, get the hype-train moving, as some of these new details are very exciting.

First, let’s address the question you’re likely already asking — will there be an electric model? Like with the 4 Series Gran Coupe and i4, the upcoming G60 BMW 5 Series will be based on the brand’s flexible CLAR architecture and will have both internal combustion and battery electric versions. From what we’re hearing, it’s likely that the ICE (internal combustion engines) models will mostly use smaller, more efficient engines. That would leave the more powerful models to the all-electric BMW i5.

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Though, there’s said to be a couple of powerful plug-in hybrid models in the works, too. For instance, the upcoming BMW 550e could come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, using a B58 inline-six engine, to make around 450 horsepower. However, there’s likely to be a BMW i5 M50 model, which would not only be the top-end electric model but the most powerful 5 Series model of them all.

BMW also seemingly wants to move the 5 Series’ interior a bit more upmarket, offering a more luxurious cabin, featuring more glass and metal trim. Apparently, BMW also wants to improve on its Iconic Glow grille lighting. Potentially the most interesting bit about the new 5 Series is its potential for Level 3 autonomy.

From the looks of it, in its heavy camouflage, it looks a 5 Series should. It’s a traditional three-boxy sedan with classic proportions and simple lights. That’s not to say it looks bad because it didn’t. But it’s not going to inspired a ton of outside customers.

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