Once upon a time, drag racing was reserved for a special kind of car but the advancement of turbocharged and even supercharged mills changed that. Now, some of the fastest cars in the world can become even faster with some tinkering under the hood, transforming into true land rockets on a matter of days. Among them you’ll find sedans such as the BMW F90 M5 and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

These two are mighty fast and they can become true monsters if you want them to. The video below shows what the presenter suggests being the fastest M5 and E63 AMG models in the world. That’s a bold claim and it’s pretty hard to both confirm or deny it. Nobody could possibly know which is the fastest in the world but the specs and speeds these cars record on video in this case are otherworldly.

From what we could gather using Google’s auto-translate feature (as the clip is in Russian), the BMW M5 is now supposedly making around 1,000 HP. It was tuned by a company called Ramon Performance and it’s a Stage 4 upgrade. That means almost everything was upgraded: the intake, turbos, exhaust, engine block, everything. They even had to reinforce the engine bay to cope with the power.

On the other hand, the E63 is not stock either. The AMG was also tuned but not to that extent. Instead, the E63 uses meth to cool things down and has a power output of around 920 to 930 HP. Is that going to be enough to keep up? At this kind of power levels, 70 measly ponies are not going to make the difference, are they? Well, just watch and see for yourself, as the M5 beats the AMG in every single race. Even when the Merc launches early, the BMW manages to catch up and beat it, proving its worth.