When the new BMW M2 comes out, it’s likely the German company will offer it in more than one flavor from the beginning, just like the new M3 and M4. Whereas with the previous generation we had a sort of interesting ordeal, with the facelift coming in only Competition guise, due to an emissions regulation requiring BMW to use the newer (at the time) S55 engine from the F80 M3 Competition. The new one might avoid that sort of predicament, as it will have the new S58 engine, which meets all current regulations.

We’ve seen the G87 M2 out testing before and have gotten quite used to it, even though it’s under heavy camouflage. And yet, this new prototype, seen testing on the Nurburgring seems to be a bit off. Not in a bad way, but just a tad different. Could this be the M2 Competition? Chances are it is and the reasons are quite obvious. From what we can gather from these pictures (check them out here), the car seems to be wearing bigger quad tailpipes at the back, than the M2 models we’ve seen before.

Photo by instagram.com/joelre98

That’s not all though. This particular prototype also seems to be riding a bit lower than before. That may be an optical illusion though, brought on by the fact that the wheels also seem bigger. It’s either one of those things or both of them. Either way, all these clues might indicate that this is truly a different kind of M2. It may be the Competition model or it may be a special, anniversary edition. Remember, BMW M turns 50 next year and that’s going to be a good reason for celebration.

We’re still pretty far off from seeing the M2 come out, no matter if we’re talking regular flavor or anything special. That’s because the official production start date is set for December 2022 so we’re more than a year away from seeing the first deliveries being made. Even so, we’ll learn all about the car by then so we should know what to expect in the meantime.

[Source: Motor1]