One of the biggest launches we’re going to get from the BMW M division in 2022 will be the successor to one of its most loved products — the new G87 M2. There’s a lot riding on this car’s success so you know BMW will be doing all in its power to make sure they deliver a product worthy of the M2 badge. Ten years ago, the M2 badge didn’t even exist and now it is one of the most beloved in the industry.

The upcoming M2 model has some pretty big shoes to fill then. The M2 CS, for example, has been repeatedly called the best product to come out of Munich since the M3 CSL. That’s mighty high praise and puts a lot of pressure on M Division engineers right now. They are, in the meantime, testing the wheels off the upcoming model prototypes. Just recently, a heavily camouflaged model was spotted doing the usual rounds but we can tell it’s an M2 in hiding.

Rendering by @bmw43__

That’s due to the massive wheels which seem to be sporting different sizes. The rear ones definitely look bigger. Meanwhile, the wheel design seems oddly familiar and we’d dare say they are the same wheels you can get on the current M3. What’s also interesting is that the side mirrors are not the M-style ones, which was potentially done in order to confuse us or just because BMW had some regular mirrors lying around for test mule-duty. The rear quad-tailpipes however are a dead giveaway that this is a full-on M car.

As for the specs, few things are known right now. BMW is, of course, being mum on the topic but we can pretty much bet that the S58 engine from the M3 and M4 will be used under the hood. It will, however, have less power, some saying it will top out at 490 horsepower in the Competition version. According to our sources, a manual and an automatic model are on the way so we could see a ‘normal’ M2 launched alongside a Competition version. Production will kick off in December 2022 at the Mexico plant so there’s plenty of time to learn all about it until then.