The unveil of a new version of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer took place last week. In a world that’s seemingly hellbent on buying crossovers and SUVs, an MPV is quite the novelty. And yet, BMW was determined not to let the Active Tourer die after just one generation. Therefore, here we are, looking at yet another version of the – believe it or not – popular soccer mom car, being unveiled in full.

The first generation was considered an oddball from the get go. For a car maker like BMW, known for its sports cars, coupes and elegant lines, the initial 2 Series Active Tourer seemed like a desperate attempt at winning over new customers at all cost. And it worked. The 2 Series Active Tourer was a good seller, a car that can be seen a lot more often than you might imagine, in Western European countries.

Even so, few people expected BMW to keep it alive after the first run and yet, here we are. The new generation doesn’t just come with a completely new design on the outside and inside, but also with a lot more new tech, both embedded in the infotainment system and under the sheet metal. One of the most enticing offerings in the range will be the new 230e plug-in hybrid. That’s a 326 HP MPV that will certainly shame a lot of cars from a stop light.

Not only will it be fast (we don’t have any official numbers yet) but it will also allow you to travel on electricity alone around town. Even so, chances are the cheaper 223i or 218d models will be more popular on the long run, understandably so, as the 230e will most likely be quite expensive. In the meantime, let’s check it in motion, to get a better grasp of its looks before we take it out for a spin.