This current-generation BWM X5 is among the best SUVs the brand has ever made. It’s good looking, has a great interior, and drives better than an SUV of its size deserves to. There’s really nothing the BMW X5 does poorly. Which is why it’s such a popular SUV among customers, making it one of BMW’s best-selling vehicles.

Current BMW X5 customers who are looking to trade their vehicle in for a brand-new 2022 model, or potential new X5 customers, should know that there will be some option and package changes for 2022 models. Some as-standard features are gone, some are new, and some of the optional features have been changed around, too.

Standard Equipment

  • Wireless Charging has been removed.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth added for 40i and 45e models.
Photos by BMW NYC

As-standard equipment suffers from chip shortages, as the BMW X5’s wireless charging has been removed entirely. It used to be a standard feature on the X5 but now it’s not even an option. It’s not the biggest bummer, as wireless charging is slow and gets your phone’s temperature so hot it’s hard to touch, but BMW’s wireless AppleCar Play always paired so well with it, as there was never any need to plug your phone in. Now, you’ll have to for 2022 models.

Optional packages and Equipment

  • Convenience Package has been removed for 40i models.
    • Remote engine start, 4-zone climate control, wireless charging
    • WiFi hotspot + 3gb or 3-month trial, enhanced USB and Bluetooth
  • Premium Package
    • Convenience Package contents have been removed.
  • Executive Package
    • Convenience Package contents have been removed.
  • M Sport Package
    • Option of 2-axle air suspension has been removed for 40i models.
    • Option of 3rd row + rear air suspension has been removed for 40i models.
  • New Climate Comfort Package added.
    • Front & rear heated seats, heated armrests and steering wheel,
    • 4-zone climate control
  • 2-axle air suspension has been removed as an individual option.
  • Glass Controls added as an individual option.
  • Front & rear heated seats removed as an individual option.


As for optional packages, several packages will be removed from BMW’s option list. For instance, the convenience package is gone for the X5 xDrive40i. However, its four-zone climate control comes back with the climate control package, which also adds heated front and rear heated seats, and heated armrests. A few other options were removed, though, which can be frustrating for customers.

Colors and Interior Trim

  • Sparkling Brown Metallic and Dravit Grey Metallic have been added.
  • No interior trim changes.

In terms of colors, the BMW X5 gains two new exterior colors but no interior trim changes. The two colors are nice ones and fit the X5’s handsome exterior well.