It seems like literally ages have passed since BMW officially confirmed that the M3 Touring is finally happening, and yet it hasn’t been more than a year. That’s what happens when you’re stuck waiting for something you are really excited about. The M3 Touring has been a sort of impossible wish for BMW fans over the years, the first five generations of the M3 never getting such a body style, despite the competition adopting it in full.

Well, that wait is about to be over, as we’re getting closer to the official reveal. The M3 Touring can be seen testing throughout Germany right now, but under heavy camouflage. That’s not really doing anything to hide the shapes of the car, as we already know what it’s going to look like. It’s really not that hard to imagine an M3 with a Touring shape at the back and rendering specialists have done it rather well over the years.

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As for the car itself… It may be disappointing for some. That’s because, according to our sources, the M3 Touring won’t be offered with a simple rear-wheel drive setup and a manual gearbox. Instead, you’ll be limited to the full-on Competition spec. That means: 503 (510 PS) horsepower, M xDrive all-wheel drive, and an automatic gearbox. It may not be perfect, but at least we’re getting one. It will probably become the best family car you can wish for.

Another bit of bad news is that the M3 Touring won’t come to the US market at all. Apparently, BMW decided that there’s not enough interest in the car on this side of the Atlantic so it won’t spend money on bringing it over. Unfortunately, we still have some waiting to do. The G81 M3 Touring is scheduled for production in November 2022 so we’re more than a year away from actually being able to drive it.

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