BMW has a few new paint colors coming to some of its models, to keep things spicy for its customers. While BMW’s color palette has been a bit predictable over the past decade or so, some of its new colors are really quite special, even on relatively standard BMWs, such as Thundernight (purple) Metallic on the 2 Series. BMW isn’t stopping there, though, as even more new colors are on the way.

One of the new paint colors for the BMW 1 Series, X2, and X3 will by Skyscraper Grey Metallic. It’s a good looking gray that almost looks like a metallic version of Audi’s Nardo Grey. That’s quite the compliment as well, as Nardo Grey is one of the more well-loved colors on the market, from any brand. Previously, if you wanted Skyscraper Grey, you’d have to go the BMW Individual route for most cars but it’s now coming to the aforementioned Bimmers.

The BMW 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe will also be getting Frozen Pure Grey Metallic, giving entry-level BMW customers the chance to get a very special looking Frozen BMW color. While Frozen colors can be annoying, as they require more maintenance, they make any car look more special. On cars like the 1 Series and 2 Series, that’s important.

BMW M3 in Brooklyn Grey

Lastly, the BMW X3 and X4 will be getting Aventurine Red Metallic. We’ve seen Aventurine Red on several new BMWs and I recently drove a BMW M550i for a week with that very color. It’s a very premium, grown-up shade of red that either looks brilliant or old-fashioned, depending on the car. I suspect it will look good on the X3 but not the sportier, less premium looking X4.

I’m a big proponent of interesting colors, feeling that they make car ownership far more enjoyable. There’s something very satisfying about walking out to your special looking car every morning, rather than just an endless sea of black and white.