While the best of the best people in the automotive industry are gathering in Munich to check out the latest car launches from most manufacturers, work continues unhindered in other parts of the country. The BMW fleet of cars brought out to the IAA Mobility show includes their i4 M50 electric four-door coupe but, while some are drooling over it in Munich, other prototypes are still out testing.

Truth be told, looking at the line-up brought forward by Mercedes-Benz and Audi in Munich, it definitely looks like BMW is lagging far behind in this new EV war. Both of its main rivals are already delivering thousands of electric cars to their customers and bringing out more models by the day, while we’re still waiting for the blue and white roundel car maker to deliver its first BMW iX or i4. As enticing as they may be, it’s time to actually start selling them.

bmw i4 m50 exterior 07 830x621

So far, we’ve seen everything there is to see about them. From the specs, to the technology, and everything in between. And yet, nobody outside of BMW has actually driven them and test things out to tell us whether it works well or not. As you can see in the video below, test drivers are still pushing the cars to the limit on the Nurburgring. The video below shows an i4 M50 at work, BMW’s first ever electric car with the most powerful letter in the world embedded in its name.

That must mean something and there are some high expectations on the line when it comes to the i4 M50. Its specs definitely tell a convincing story, with 544 HP, almost 800 Nm of torque and a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 3.9 seconds. It’s going to be heavy though so the suspension has to be set up just right, so that it’s not either too harsh on public roads or too soft on the edge. Whether BMW will pull it off or not remains to be seen but there isn’t a lot of lean visible in the footage below, with the car pushed to the limit on the Nurburgring. Encouraging.