At the moment, Tom Cruise is filming the seventh Mission Impossible movie, alongside co-stars Haley Atwell and Simon Pegg. As you may already know, the Mission Impossible franchise has been partnered with BMW for around a decade now. During filming, Cruise was using a BMW X7 to get around England, an X7 that was just recently stolen.

The X7 was allegedly stolen while outside the Grand Hotel and it allegedly had thousands of dollars worth of goods inside. Admittedly, Cruise’s BMW X7 was recovered not long after it was reported stolen. Its theft was recorded by CCTV and was found shortly after. However, it’s still ironic that his BMW was stolen, considering he’s using it while playing a spy who often steals other things in a movie.

Currently, Cruise, Atwell, and the rest of the crew are shooting in Birmingham, partly in Grand Central Shopping Centre. The film is the seventh in the Mission Impossible franchise and fourth with a partnership with BMW. We don’t know all of the BMWs that will be used in the film but there are usually several Bavarian appearances in each one. The most recent, Mission Impossibe: Fallot, even featured a classic Bimmer, an E28 5 Series, which was driven by Cruise himself and put through a grueling car chase that even featured a reverse J-turn down a flight of stairs.

Cruise has been all around England filming this latest Mission Impossible film. Even offering to take a local family for a ride in the helicopter he was flying for the movie. We can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out. Not only because it will feature some cool Bimmers but also because the last couple of MI movies have been great fun.

[Source: BBC News]