Tom Cruise is back at it, shooting yet another Mission Impossible film and doing his own stunt driving yet again. Because BMW has a deal with the Paramount and Mission Impossible, fast BMWs are always the cars of choice for the films. For this latest one, it seems as if a BMW M5 will be in use and something unsavory will happen to its doors.

Some new spy video has surfaced, showing off Cruise driving a BMW M5 through the streets of what seems to be Rome (Cruise has previously been spotted in Rome filming other scenes), with police cars in chase. The M5 in question also lacks some doors, which means the scene we see being shot in this video is likely toward the end of an exciting car chase.

We can’t actually see who’s driving the car in this video, though it does appear to be Cruise. We know he does most of his own stunt driving, and he was the one behind the wheel of the E28 5 Series in the previous Mission Impossible film, so it’s safe to assume he’s the one driving. However, some photos from The Daily Mail actually show co-star Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger, Christopher Robin) behind the wheel of the M5, presumably doing her own stunt driving, with Cruise riding shotgun.

The last Mission Impossible film, “Fallout”, was also one of the best and had some great car chase sequences. The aforementioned scene featuring the E28 5 Series was especially fun, as you don’t often see E28 5ers in action sequences. Plus, the driving felt visceral and real. So we can’t wait to see this one and what sort of BMW-based carnage director Christopher McQuarrie has in store this time. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait awhile, as the film isn’t set to debut until November 19, 2021, according to IMDB.