Any BMW enthusiast worth their salt knows who Steve Dinan is. His company has been creating some of the best tunes and aftermarket parts for BMWs for decades. If you stumble across a BMW owner with Dinan bits, you know they’re the real deal. Not only does Steve Dinan’s company make great BMW add-ons but he himself has a wealth of knowledge about BMWs and how to make them faster. Which is why it’s always fascinating listening to him. Thankfully, you get to do just that on this new episode of The Smoking Tire Podcast.

What’s interesting is that Steve Dinan no longer owns Dinan Tuning. APR bought the company and now Dinan owns a new company, CarBahn Autoworks, which now tunes BMWs, Audis, Mercedes’, and Porsches. And if you own any one of those cars and want to do any sort of tuning, CarBahn is likely your best bet.

Not only does Steve Dinan have an immense library of engine tuning knowledge, his tunes are also the safest around. Listen to this podcast and he effortlessly explains the differences between his tunes and other brands’ tunes, why his work safely and others’ don’t, and the amount of work that goes into making his tunes. Dinan and his team put in the work the make sure their tunes are not only incredibly effective but also reliable, safe, and dependable. That gives you confidence as a customer which, when tuning extremely expensive cars, is invaluable.

More than that Dinan is known for having the best suspension tunes. His expertise is in tuning suspensions for bumpy roads, which is why none of his coilover kits are too stiff and why his race cars are always fastest on bumpy tracks.

Steve Dinan is a fascinating person to listen to and is one of the most well-respected BMW tuners in the world. Check out this new episode and get a lesson in tuning.