Monterey Car Week is currently underway, as the seaside town gets flooded with high-priced exotics, invaluable classics, and car companies looking to show of their latest and greatest. One of the events for the week is the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, a racing event held at the legendary Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. During which, you’ll see all manner of classic race cars lapping the iconic circuit. However, there are also usually some new reveals there as well, one of which being the all-new BMW M4 GT3.

Laguna Seca was where BMW decided to unveil the new M4 GT3 for America and it looks great. Sure, the grille is still too big but it’s excusable on the GT3, being a race car and all. The rest of the front end is so wide and aggressive that it evens out the mahoosive grille. Massive vents on the hood extract heat, large exhausts exit behind the front fender, and the monstrous rear wing provides a ton of downforce. Inside, you can see all the exposed carbon fiber. The door cars are made of the stuff and so is the steering wheel.

Under the mighty hood lies a modified version of the same 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-six engine as the standard M4. However, the race car makes 590 horsepower, while being drastically lighter. So expect it to be bonkers fast.

On the outside, its M livery and all of its exposed racing bits looks fantastic. In fact, if you don’t look at the grille, the rest of its is seriously good looking. The wing is a bit much but, ya know, race car. It’s cool for the BMW M4 GT3 to get unveiled in Monterey, as it’s such an incredibly opulent event where snobbery knows no bounds. So to see a race car, that’s stripped out and raw, is cool.