BMW’s biggest rival — Mercedes-Benz — is debuting yet another all electric sedan, a follow-up to the very impressive EQS. If you’re a car enthusiast, it doesn’t matter which brand you prefer, it’s impossible to not admit how impressive and exciting the EQS is. It boasts genuine Tesla-rivaling range and power but with the level of luxury and technology you’d expect from an S-Class. Now, the folks in Stuttgart are debuting a second car that BMW is going to need an answer to — the Mercedes-Benz EQE.

In keeping with Mercedes’ nomenclature, the EQE is going to be an electric sedan similar in size, luxury, price, and tech to the E-Class sedan. A few teaser shots were released, showing off some darkened photos of the car’s exterior and interior, ahead of its debut at the IAA auto show in Munich.

On the outside, the Mercedes-Benz EQE seems to look similar to the EQS but with a bit more muscle. Its rear wheel arches are flared more and it seems as if its front fenders are as well. Mercedes seems to want to give the EQE a sportier look, to separate it from the more luxurious EQS. Aside from that, the overall shape of the car is similar to its larger sibling.

Inside, the cabin is nearly identical to that of the EQS. The new, smaller EQE gets the same overall dash design and Mercedes-Benz’s new Hyperscreen technology. It looks every bit as high-tech and exciting as the EQS, though it’s likely to lack some of the uber luxury touches of that car. Also, the EQE lacks the passenger-side screen in the dash.

There’s no word on power, range, battery size, or performance just yet. However, expect the EQE to have similar specs to lower-end EQS models. With electric cars, there’s a lot of battery and motor sharing, even more so than with internal combustion, so there isn’t a lot of room for individuality. Still, there should be rear-drive and all-wheel drive models, with maybe a couple of different power levels.

What does this mean for BMW? It means BMW is going to need both an electric 7 Series and an electric 5 Series now. We know both cars are in the works but BMW might need to pick up the pace. In the 5 Series’ segment, both of BMW’s two biggest rivals now have cars that have at least been announced. Audi has the A6 e-tron and Mercedes has the EQE. That leaves BMW as the odd man out. An electric 5 Series is coming, dubbed the BMW i5, and we hope it gets here soon.