We’ve reviewed the BMW M3 Competition quite a bit. I’ve driven both the standard M3 and M3 Competition back-to-back, as well, giving me a good idea of their differences. However, none of that actually compares to owning the thing; living with it everyday, putting thousands of miles on it, modifying it slightly, and — most importantly — paying for it. So what is it actually like to own, to put down your hard earned money on it and live with it everyday? We recently had Joe Achilles on the podcast to find out.

Achilles bought a BMW M3 Competition in Portimao Blue with Kyalami Orange interior, which is a unique and good looking color combination. What’s important is that he chose the color scheme because it would be good for Instagram and YouTube, rather than a more preferable, conventional color scheme, which is a smart idea. However, unlike other YouTubers who do their initial delivery video of their new car and then never touch it again, Achilles actually drives the hell out of his car.

He recently took it on the Petrol Head Tours, drove it to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and has accumulated thousands of miles in just weeks. So he hasn’t really given the car a break since he’s had it, which is exactly what you’re supposed to do with an M3. So we applaud him for that.

Speaking of Goodwood, Achilles was in attendance for the launch of the new BMW 2 Series Coupe, a car that we’re all very excited about. So he gave us his impressions of the car; how it looks in person compared to photos, what he likes and doesn’t like about it, and even how the M240i sounded.

If you’re thinking about buying a BMW M3 Competition, this episode will help break down the pros and cons (mostly pros) about what it’s like to actually own one. Check it out.