This new 2 Series is an interesting looking car; it has some very new design elements for BMW, as well as some nods to the past. It’s actually a nice blend of modern and retro styling and I like it quite a bit, despite what the internet tells me. However, my absolute favorite part about it is the availability of Thundernight Metallic paint.

In the ’90s and ’00s, BMW was famous for having a variety of killer colors. M cars were available with such excellent shades as Le Mans Blue, Dakar Yellow, and, my personal favorite, Techno Violet. While I don’t love the color purple on everything, I’m a sucker for purple cars and BMW’s Techno Violet was so unique and interesting.

The only caveat was that those awesome colors were only available on M cars. Even today, most of BMW’s interesting colors aren’t available on standard cars, especially not entry-level ones. There is hope, though, as BMW is now offering the fantastic Thundernight Metallic on the new 2 Series, meaning not only is purple back but it’s available on a normal Bimmer.

I like this new 2 Series Coupe, despite what the internet tells me. I think it’s a good blend of both traditional design cues and some new, forward thinking ones. I like the idea of removing the vertical grille slats entirely, and making them active grille shutters. I also like the switch back to single “circle” headlights, as a nod to the original BMW 2002. Overall, I think the new 2 Series is a cool little car, one made even cooler by the addition of a purple paint option.

Even modern M cars lack true imagination in their color options. The new M3 and M4 have some good colors from the factory but nothing like this Thundernight Metallic. So the fact that it can be had on an average 2 Series, as a factory color, is fantastic. If I were buying a 2 Series, and I very much would buy one, there wouldn’t be another choice. Thundernight it is.