The 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe leaked over the weekend, but the single image shared ahead of the world debut only showed the front-end design of the car. Today, with nearly 24 hours before its premiere, new images aim to showcase the rear-end design. The images leaked on Instagram show the new G42 2 Series fully unveiled, including a rear-end shot. Despite the low quality of these images, the design is quite attractive. The new 2 Series Coupe features an aggressive rear bumper with an integrated black diffuser and new exhaust shapes. The taillights also feature a new design with a reversed L-shape for the inner graphics. The tall boot comes with a sporty spoiler which is specific to the M240i models.

The leaked images also show the new Thundernight metallic color which was seen in several spy photos. There is also a 2 Series model featured with the extensive offerings from the M Performance Parts division. But certainly one thing that stands out are the “normal grilles”. The front-end doesn’t get the massive grille from recent BMW models, but it does alter some fundamental BMW design cues. And the most obvious one is the single circular LED light reminiscent of BMW 02 models.

The functional kidney grille also gets a new interpretation, in a way similar to the BMW Z4 Roadster. The wide kidneys give the car an even more impressive stance on the road and has a single frame design. The inner slates of the kidneys have also been redesigned and look quite different than any other BMW today.

Moving towards the lower front-fascia and you will be immediately greeted by massive air curtains which are easily the most aggressive and dynamic element on this new design. It also sets the bar quite high for the upcoming G87 M2. The lower air intake is equally impressive in size and sportiness.

An active bonnet featuring a power dome is also part of the G42 2 Series package. Of course, we can’t ignore the M side mirrors and the flared fenders of the new 2 Series Coupe which turn this new model into one of the most attractive ones of the current BMW lineup. At least until the G87 BMW M2 arrives next year.