After the smashing media success that was the BMW M2 CS, fans of the brand are dying for yet another special model. The M2 CS proved that the M Division still knows how to make cars that excite our enthusiast passions. Additionally, the new BMW M4 Competition proved to be a sensational driver’s car of its own. So what happens if BMW M were to combine the two? Thankfully, we’re going to find out in 2023, as the BMW M4 CSL is going to do just that.

According to Bimmerpost, the BMW M4 CSL will be coming in 2023 and will be bringing the the iconic nameplate back. BMW hasn’t used the “CSL” name since the legendary E46 M3 CSL and for good reason. It’s pretty hard to top that incredible machine, one that’s still revered almost two decades later. However, the new G82 BMW M4 is such a fantastic starting point, that it’s absolutely possible the M Division can make magic yet again.

That’s especially true when you feel just how good the BMW M2 CS is to drive. It’s a sensational driver’s car, with superb steering, balance, and playful feel that reminds you why BMW M is usually the best at that sort of thing. It also strikes the perfect balance between hooligan and daily driver, something BMW was always so good at back in the day, but hasn’t always been great at in recent years.

Photo Source: @magnus.concepts

We don’t have any specific details but we can safely assume that there will only be a few hundred units made, similar to the F82-gen BMW M4 GTS. We can also expect somewhere between 500-550 horsepower. The real questions will be; will it have a manual or automatic transmission and will it be rear or all-wheel drive? Either way, we’re incredibly excited to find out.

If the BMW M4 CSL can be a combination of the already fantastic G82 M4 and the brilliance of the M2 CS, it could be one of the very greatest driver’s cars BMW has ever made.

[Photo Source: @magnus.concepts]