BMW finally developed a proper electric sport sedan with the new i4. However, it’s probably not going to stop there. While there’s no official word on if a new electric 3 Series is in the works, it’s almost a certainty at this point. With how the industry is moving, it’s really a matter of when, not if such a car will be made. Also, whether or not it will be called a BMW i3.

In some new renders, we get to see what an electric 3 Series will look like, based off of the design of the current G20-generation 3 Series. The render artist clearly used a some sort of M Sport 3 Series, be it a 330i M Sport or M340i, for the basis of the render. Though, this render gets different side air intake vents, entirely new headlights, and fake grilles. It also gets the same aerodynamic wheels as the BMW iX.

Render @bmw43__

Due to being based on the G20 3 Series and not the 4 Series, this render looks a bit better than the i4, at least from the front. The i4’s “Gran Coupe” body style might look better overall but the face of this render is more handsome than the i4. Its grilles are more reasonably sized, has extra sharp headlights, and sporty looking air intakes. I’m also in the minority of enthusiasts that like the iX’s aero wheels.

We know an electric 3 Series long wheelbase is on the way for the Chinese market, which will be based on the current G20 3er, but that’s the extent of our knowledge on an electric 3 Series. BMW has yet to announce anything official. It’s hard to imagine the Bavarians not creating an electric version of their most important car, though. In the next couple of years, we’ll likely learn of an electric 3 Series, whether it’s an i3 or not, but for now, this render is about as close as we’ll get.

[Renders: @bmw43__ on Instagram]