Our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast, episode 52, recently went live on all of our podcast outlets (Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher) but you can now catch it on YouTube as well. As with most of our recent episodes, the video version is now live, if you’d prefer to have the podcast up while you’re on a computer or laptop.

In this episode, if you haven’t already caught it, we discuss mostly the BMW i4 and iX. The former of which Horatiu had the chance to drive, in prototype form, through some canyon roads in Los Angeles. The test mule he drove was a BMW i4 M50 and he liked it a lot. Its power, performance, and handling left a great impression and he even thinks it will be more fun than the M3 Competition. We’ll have to test that out for real once we can get both cars together in the future.


No one outside of BMW has driven the iX just yet but I did have a chance to get up close and personal with it, with almost no one around. It allowed me the chance to really get inside the car, poke around, and play with all of its settings and features. After getting to know the BMW iX’s cabin and features, I can honestly say it’s my favorite BMW interior of all time. Its materials are outstanding, the design is fresh, ergonomics are excellent, the seats are incredible, and the entire cabin just feels expensive. Being that the BMW iX will be priced similarly to the X5, I simply can’t see a reason to get the X5 over the iX, unless you absolutely need the further range.

I apologize about the video quality on my behalf, as we had some technical difficulties on the upload, I didn’t record it with a potato. Horatiu looks fine but I look like I’m from a live recording in 1996. Maybe that’s a good thing, as you don’t have to look at my dumb face. Aside from that, it’s a good episode with some insight that few other journalists have. So have a watch/listen.