This week BMW unveiled the 2021 X3 and X4 facelift models. And this was an important design and tech update for BMW since the X3 is BMW’s best selling car in the United States. Now that the 2021 BMW X3 has been given an LCI facelift, though, it looks better, has more modern tech, and gets a couple of interior tweaks to make ownership more enjoyable.


The new 2021 BMW X3 LCI also received a new set of grilles, slightly larger than before. They feature sharper angles, are wider at the top, and connected in the middle. That middle bit also houses a front-facing camera, which BMW calls the iCam. The headlights, which are slimmer than before and feature new lighting elements, including BMW’s optional laser lights. The headlights are also slimmer and combined with the sharper kidney grilles to give the new BMW X3 LCI a sportier look than the current, outgoing model.

BMW also updated the front apron of the X3, making it a bit sharper again. Not only that but the X3 also gets the same underbody protection and side sill plats from the pre-LCI xLine trim. If you don’t want that look, you can opt for the M Sport package, which brings larger front air intakes, black accents, and high-gloss black trim. M Sport models even get black kidney grille trim and roof rails.

Inside, the 2021 BMW X3 LCI gets digital ones and replaces its old iDrive screen for the current iDrive 7. The iDrive screen is also much larger, at 12.3 inches, which will make customers happy, and there is also a new iDrive knob. The climate controls were also updated to the more modern setup from cars like the 3 Series and 4 Series, along with a more modern gear shifter.

Here is a video showcasing the 2021 BMW X3 Facelift:


Just like the X3, the new BMW X4 gets new kidney grilles, which are sharper, more angular, and more aggressive than before. In addition to the new kidney grilles, the BMW X4 LCI also gets new headlights. They’re the same new headlights as the X3’s and they’re slimmer than the pre-LCI car’s. Not only are they slimmer but they feature a new lighting element design with BMW’s latest laser light tech.

For the most part, the cabin of the new BMW X4 LCI is the same as the pre-LCI car. But just like the X3 LCI, it gets enough upgrades to make it more modern and techy. n place of the old iDrive screen is BMW’s latest iDrive 7 screen, which is much larger, touchscreen-capable, and far more intuitive. The new iDrive screen joins the new digital dials, which replace the old semi-analog dials and look more modern.

The video below will also give you a closer view of the BMW X4 Facelift: