BMW is doing a good job, as of late, distinguishing the differences between its M Performance cars and its proper M cars. I’ve had some issues with them feeling too similar in the past but the new BMW M550i and M5, respectively, feel very different. Same goes for the new BMW M440i and M4, with the former being more of a comfy GT car and the latter being a much harder-edged performance machine. So there’s real reason to opt for the M440i instead, aside from price. However, if you want that smoother, more comfortable persona of the M440i but would still like a bit more visual flare, check out 3D Design.

If you didn’t already know, 3D Design makes some of the very best aftermarket BMW parts in the world and these new ones for the BMW M440i add just enough visual excitement to make your car stand out from your neighbor’s. Admittedly, the car in these photos is a BMW 420i but the visual parts are the same, save for the exhaust. Though, all that means is that the same can be said if you own a less powerful 4 Series model, too.

The full kit, of which some of the parts are still in development, includes lowering springs (one inch drop), a new front lip, rear diffuser, front splitter, side skirts, 20″ forged wheels, and new exhaust tips (two for the 420i and 430i, four for the M440i). All in, it looks much better than the stock car; it’s lower, sportier, more aggressive, and more special. No one will be able to confuse your 4 Series and your neighbor’s 4 Series again.

Of course, there are a couple of interior bits available as well. 3D Design is quite famous for making aluminum pedals and, possibly even more so, for making fantastic new paddle shifters. The paddles are available in either aluminum or carbon fiber. If my recommendation is worth anything, get the aluminum ones, as they make the act of using paddles far more enjoyable.

So if you have a BMW 4 Series of any kind, but especially the BMW M440i — which has the performance to back up the look — and you want to give it some added sportiness, check out 3D Design’s fantastic catalog.