Most enthusiasts don’t get too excited about BMW X1 news, what with it being a small suburbanite crossover and all, but the new 2022 model might change some minds. In spy photos and videos we’ve seen of the new X1, it not only looks better than before but looks like it will drive better than the old car. This new spy video only suggests the latter even further.

The upcoming 2022 BMW X1 is going to be based on BMW’s latest iteration of its front-wheel drive architecture and will get new styling. The 2022 X1 seems to have a more upright body style than the pseudo-wagon-looks of the current car. While we like the current X1’s style, the new one does seem like it sports a more handsome shape. It also seems a bit more muscular and a bit sportier.

What’s interesting is that it seems to have some decent turn-in. The BMW X1 seems to turn in surprisingly quickly on track at the Nurburgring, so much so that it actually looks to turn in quicker than its body roll can handle. You can see an abrupt turn-in and watch the body quickly roll more than the driver seemed to have anticipated. While body roll isn’t good, it can be easily remedied. The important bit is that it will have sharp steering.

Of course, no one is going to be buying a BMW X1 for its handling, nor is it going to out-handle something like a 3 Series. However, for the younger BMW customer that would typically buying something like 2 Series but now needs more space, the BMW X1 has always been a good choice. If this new one handles as well as it looks like it does and can still improve on the same sort of interior space, practicality, and comfort as the current car, it will be a great option for many BMW customers.