Spy photos have given us a good idea of what the next-gen BMW 2 Series and subsequent BMW M2 will look like. With the visual information gleaned from those spy photos, Carwow managed to render up what looks like a very accurate image of what the next-gen 2022 BMW M2 will look like. (We don’t own the render, so check it here)

It’s obvious that the starting point for this render was the current-gen BMW M2, but it was then given a new front end, smoother body lines, and flush door handles. The biggest changes happen up front, where it gets the new headlights and kidney grilles seen in the spy photos. The headlights sport a new shape, one we’ve really never seen on a BMW before, with each one featuring a little notch on the lower inside corners.

The best detail of the new BMW M2, though, is its kidney grille. Rather than going big and tall, like the new BMW M3 and M4, the new 2 Series and M2 go for a grille that’s shorter and wider. It’s more BMW Z8 than G80 M3 and that’s a very good thing.

I also really like the idea of flush, upward-swinging door handles. I miss the old door handles of my E36 3 Series, as they have a cleaner look than the pull-style door handles of almost all modern cars. So BMW going back to that, mostly for aerodynamics, is cool.

I think it’s safe to say that if the next-gen BMW M2 looks like the Carwow render, with subtle, classic BMW looks, fans are going to be very happy. It’s likely going to be the last BMW with the classic recipe; a two-door, four-seat coupe with a straight-six up front, manual transmission (or automatic) in the middle, and drive at the back; so the fact that it should have classic BMW looks is going to go over very well.

[Source: Carwow]